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The PEPNJ Advocacy Council is embarking on a significant project aimed at uplifting urban communities. This initiative is supported by an amalgamation of grants sourced from organizations dedicated to Education, Health, and Environmental Justice (EJ). The focus of the project is threefold:

Education: Enhancing the educational landscape in public schools, ensuring that students in urban communities have access to quality education and resources.

Mental Health: Addressing the mental health needs within these communities, recognizing its crucial role in overall wellbeing and community resilience.

Environmental Justice: Tackling environmental challenges specific to urban areas, advocating for healthier living environments, and promoting sustainability.

The PEPNJ Advocacy Council’s initiative represents a strategic and collaborative effort to bring about sustainable and impactful change in urban communities, focusing on education, mental health, and environmental justice. The project underscores PEPNJ’s commitment to community empowerment and comprehensive development.


Communities Leading Change

WALTON FAMILY FOUNDATION: In New Jersey, nonprofit PEPNJ works to promote proactive parent advocacy to incite real change to local schools. New case studies from the Walton Family Foundation  share how to empower local families to take action. Join us and learn more HERE

Connecting Parents & Fortifying Communities.

Parents Engaging Parents (PEP) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization of parents and stakeholders coming together to promote access and information for civic and financial literacy – thereby raising parents up, supporting children succeed, and strengthening NJ communities.

PEP encourages parents to identify challenges in their neighborhoods and cities, and connect with fellow parents and organizations to bring about measurable and positive change.

What we do

PEP works with NJ Parents to provide information and resources for the most important and in-demand civic, financial, and lifestyle topics. We promote proficiency in:


Providing resources and opportunities to build economic literacy and navigate financial growth.


Learning how to navigate the education system to ensure that our children are provided with relevant and ever-evolving information.


Bringing awareness to the needs of our bodies and minds and promoting resources for equitable health.

Social Justice

Giving parents a stake in building a Beloved Community. Learn, gain access to resources, and work towards equitable participation and human rights in Social Justice processes.

Proud Partners

Our Impact

People reached through our virtual initiatives including three sectors of the community - civic, private, and public in 2021
NJ Families received nutritious Grab-and-Go food, PPE essentials, and new winter coats.
Virtual Engagement audience members in 2021 through hosted social interactions, information sessions, and statewide weekly check-ins.

News & Resources

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Clean Air Coalition in New Jersey – The Fight Continues

On Saturday, November 19, 2022, Labor and Environmental Justice Advocates & Organizers, community stakeholders, small businesses, and representatives...
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