Marietta Cozzi

Marietta Cozzi

Founding Partner

Marietta Cozzi joined the Board of Directors of PEP as a Founding Partner after meeting and immediately connecting to co-founder Altorice at a parent advocacy event in Newark in 2016. Marietta works closely with Altorice and parent champions to manage projects, organize events and communications, and further build PEP.

In addition to PEP, Marietta serves on the Board of Directors for KIPP:NJ and serves on multiple committees at the Community FoodBank of NJ.

Prior to engaging in nonprofit work, she served as Vice President, Talent Acquisition at Prudential for 14 years where she was responsible for the strategic oversight of the company’s talent acquisition strategy, transforming their hiring processes and providing Prudential with high quality, diverse talent.

Prior to Prudential, Marietta served as Vice President of Human Resources at American Express for 18 years and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business from Florida State University and a Master of Science degree in Management from St. Thomas University.